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Yoga Instructor Course
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Why Yoga Instructor Course?

⁍ Provides knowledge of Holistic living and not merely training on yoga postures and Meditation alone.

⁍ Making Yoga a socially relevant science.

⁍ Become a Professionally Qualified Yoga Instructor.

⁍ Our 200Hours Course will leave you transformed like never before and will also inspire you to transform others.

⁍ Better quality of life for you and people around you

⁍ This course transforms your ability to learn yoga and provides a platform to teach yoga individually.

⁍ Creates a Strong foundation through Principals of Anatomy & Physiology.

⁍ Add sadhana to your practice and Craft your path to do higher studies in Yoga

⁍ A much-valued course designed from India and delivered by experienced Indian Yoga Teachers

Be the Guiding Light, Teach worldwide with our certification.

After completion of the course, you will receive an internationally valid Yoga Teacher Certification.

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